Sponsor Levels

Fan Club Level ($500)

Logo on The Wiffle Fest Sponsorship Banner

Field Club Level ($1000)

(In addition to the above listed items)

Acknowledgment in the Journal Plus Magazine

Reserved Spot for Corporate Banner on Outfield Wall

Gold Club Level ($2500)

(In addition to the above listed items)

Special Shout-out on 1280 ESPN Radio – The Ticket

Hyperlinked Sponsor Logo Displayed on The Sandlot Website

Diamond Club Level ($5000)

(In addition to the above listed items)

Secondary Field & Scoreboard Naming Rights

Championship Field & Scoreboard Naming Rights

Platinum Level ($10,000)

(In addition to the above listed items)

Bring Your Own Team (subject to availability)

Specific Sponsorship Opportunities Available

$500 Level

Lavatory Lounge Sponsor ($500) | Massage Recovery Tent Sponsor ($500)

$1000 Level

Green Turf Field of Dreams Sponsor ($1000) | Hydration Station Sponsor ($1000)

Music Sponsor ($1000) | Bounce House & Ice Cream Truck Sponsor ($1000)

Field Design & Dimension Sponsor ($1000) | Future Stars Playing Field Sponsor ($1000)

Home Run Hero Sponsor ($1000) | Tournament MVP Sponsor ($1000)

Barn Training Facility Sponsor ($1000)

$2500 Level

Beer Sponsor ($2500) | Wine Sponsor ($2500)

Game Ball Sponsor ($2500) | Championship Belt Buckle Sponsor ($2500)

Annual Coozie Sponsor ($2500) | Game Day T-Shirt Sponsor ($2500)

Secondary Field Dugout Sponsor ($2500) | Championship Field Dugout Sponsor ($2500)

Championship Trophy Sponsor ($2500)

$5000 Level

Secondary Field & Scoreboard Sponsor ($5000) | Championship Field & Scoreboard Sponsor ($5000)

For additional information on sponsorship opportunities, please view our Sponsorship Packet or contact [email protected].

The Sandlot Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Money raised through fundraising efforts will be used to support infrastructure, equipment, and supplement program costs for local community sports programs.